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Don’t let wires and circuitry get you confused when you can just hire professionals like us here at Urban Electric who can help you set up the electrical wiring in your commercial or residential building. We are one of the best group of professionals to turn to when it comes to commercial electrical services in Omaha, NE.  Contact us now!

Get it done right the first time

Setting up your electrical circuits can be quite tricky if you don’t exactly know what you’re doing or if you don’t have an electrical design planned out for the building that you own. That is exactly why you need a professional to help you with the placement of your electrical wiring around your home or commercial building a whole lot more.

Why us?

We are professionals who have a good number of years of experience under our belt, eighteen years to be exact and guess what? We aren’t stopping there. We love what we do and have always managed to provide our customers with a wide range of electrical services that include replacements, installations, maintenance services and a whole lot more. We are licensed and insured professionals that take great pride in the quality of service and workmanship that we provide, as we will never stop trying to give our customers the very best that we can possibly give them. Hiring us will be something that your future self will definitely thank you for.

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Eager to avail of the excellent residential and commercial electrical services that we, here at Urban Electric, provide? Then, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us at (402) 204-0582 today! We’ll be glad to respond to all your requests, inquiries, and would love to book you an appointment if you need our help during the weekends. We are based in Omaha, NE.