Let Us Assist You With Electrical Automation and Other Electrical Remodeling Tasks

When people plan to do property remodels, they often focus on improving the appearance of their home or office. There’s nothing wrong with this but, if you’re thinking of remodeling your property, you shouldn’t just focus on aesthetic appeal! To maximize the time, effort, and money that you’ll invest in your remodel, you can take this opportunity to improve your electrical system as well. For instance, you can upgrade the wiring in your property to ensure that your electrical system is always safe and efficient. You can also have your old circuit breaker professionally upgraded or hire electrical automation experts who can help you automate your lighting fixtures and appliances.

Don’t worry since improving your electrical system isn’t difficult, especially when you hire experts like Urban Electric! We are based in Omaha, NE, and we offer high-quality remodeling electrical services to our clients. Book an appointment with us now!

Wiring Upgrades and Replacements

Property remodels are the perfect time to take a close look at your electrical wiring. When you hire us, our team will inspect all parts of your wiring system to see if there are damaged sections that need to be replaced or upgraded. We’ll then take care of the replacement or upgrading process, and we’ll make sure that the new wiring is properly attached to the rest of the wiring system.

Circuit Breaker Upgrades

If your circuit breaker is more or less 30 years old, or if your house still relies on an old-fashioned fuse box, you’ll need to upgrade your breaker box as soon as possible. This is also the case if your circuit breaker is constantly tripping or if you’re thinking of buying heavy-duty appliances that consume a lot of power.

Electrical System Automation

Automating your appliances and lighting fixtures can help you save time and effort while enjoying more convenience. There’s no need to fret since our team is here to help you with the electrical automation process! Through our expertise, we can modernize your electrical system and make it easier and more convenient to operate.

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